6 thoughts on “German Literature Month 2014

  1. Thanks so much for the link and for participating. Your choices are ambitious as well. You've chose far longer novels than I. I loved The Radetzky March – i think it's one of the best novels ever written – and The Spider and Mlle de Scudéry are favourites. They are both great – great, dark atmopshere.


  2. Neeru – Thanks for sharing this. I'll be really keen to see what you think of those novels. You've made some fascinating choices.


  3. Not familiar with many of these guys. I think I read LA RONDE by Schnitzler a long time ago when I read lots and lots of play scripts rather than novels. I've read one or two of the Tales of Hoffman. Everyone probably knows the story of The Nutcracker. He wrote the original story that became the famous ballet.Ever read any Hesse? I had to read Siddhartha and Steppenwolf in the original language for my German classes in high school — what seems like a lifetime ago. I remember I enjoyed Siddhartha immensely.


  4. Thanks Caroline. I am excited a lot about the books esp. Scudery and Spider as they are mystery tales which I love. I am glad that you endorse them too.Keen to read Roth as I want to read about the Austro-Hungarian empire.


  5. Wow! You read Hesse in the original. I have heard great things about him but have never read him.I am intrigued by Anatol and haven't read any Hoffman so am pretty excited about these books.


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