Reading 2013

Through ReaderbuzzI got to know of this interesting End-of-the-Year survey @ The Perpetual Page Turner and thought that it would be fun to look at 2013 in this manner.

1. Best Book You Read In 2013? (If you have to cheat — you can break it down by genre if you want or 2013 release vs. backlist)


The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino


The Sunday I Became World Champion  by Friedrich Christian Delius

The Last Musha’irah of Dehli by Mirza Farhatullah Baig

2. Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t? 

3. Most surprising (in a good way!) book of 2013? 

4. Book you read in 2013 that you recommended to people most in 2013? 

All my favourite books as mentioned in the 1st answer.

5. Best series you discovered in 2013?

Detective Galileo series by Japanese author Keigo Higashino.

7. Best book that was out of your comfort zone or was a new genre for you? 

Arogyaniketan by Tarashankar Badopadhyay

I don’t really like reading books set in rural India but this was a wonderful read and made me quite ashamed of my (reading) prejudices.

8. Most thrilling, unputdownable book in 2013?

9. Book you read in 2013 that you are most likely to reread next year?

10. Favorite cover of a book you read in 2013?

11. Most memorable character in 2013?

Colonol Haki in Eric Ambler’s Light of the Day. He doesn’t appear in the book but casts a long shadow. 

 12. Most beautifully written book read in 2013?

13. Book that had the greatest impact on you in 2013? 

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr.Brian Weiss. I had suffered one loss after another, this book did provide some comfort.

 14. Book you can’t believe you waited UNTIL 2013 to finally read?

 15. Favorite passage/quote from a book you read in 2013?

“Never mind. Never mind. In this brief life, one cannot always be counting the cost.”

Mr. Norris Changes Trains by Christopher Isherwood.
16. Shortest & longest book you read in 2013?

Great Detective Stories: Pages: 124

The Prince of Tides Pages: 664

Both incidentally were first published in 1986.

 17. Book that had a scene in it that had you reeling and dying to talk to someone about it?

The Monkey’s Raincoat by Robert Crais. Not one scene but the entire book because I wondered whether I had read it wrong.

18. Favorite relationship from a book you read in 2013?
The triangular relationship between Bhaskar, Anuradha,and Aftab in Arun Joshi’s The Last Labyrinth was the most intriguing.

19. Favorite book you read in 2013 from an author you’ve read previously?
20. Best book you read in 2013 that you read based SOLELY on a recommendation from somebody else?

Robert Barnard’s A Little Local Murder. It wasn’t this book specifically but a post on another book of the author @ Tipping my Fedora that made me want to read the author at once.

21. Genre you read the most from in 2013?

Mystery esp of the Vintage kind.
22. Newest fictional crush from a book you read in 2013?

Dr. Leonard McCoy. Bones was my favourite of the Star Trek characters. This year I read a Star trek novel for the first time and fell in love with him all over again.

23. Best 2013 debut you read?

24. Most vivid world/imagery in a book you read in 2013?

“The night was thick and heavy as velvet.”

What can match the grandeur of such an image?

Mysteries by Knut Hamsun.

25. Book that was the most fun to read in 2013?
26. Book that made you cry in 2013?

The Musical Comedy Crime by Anthony Gilbert.

“Everything I loved and all of what was lost was once here. And now I was arriving into absence, after everyone had gone.”

Anatomy of a Disappearance by Hisham Matar.

27. Book you read in 2013 that you overlooked when it first came out?

Amen by Sister Jesme


1. New favorite book blog you discovered in 2013? 
All the blogs that I follow are my favourites.

2. Favorite review that you wrote in 2013? 

I was satisfied with my review of Josephine Bell’s Death in Retirement.

3. Best discussion you had on your blog?

On discovering a mysterious author: Death Whispers by Joseph B. Carr.

4. Most thought-provoking review or discussion you read on somebody else’s blog?
There were many interesting discussions that I read but one that made me question something that I had taken for granted was Confession of a Mystery Novelists’s discussion on historical fiction.

5. Best event that you participated in (author signings, festivals, virtual events, memes).

The Social Justice Theme Read hosted by Resistance is Futile.

6. Best moment of book blogging/your book life in 2013?

When Bev @ My Reader’s Block and Sergio @ Tipping My Fedora were kind enough to present me with a Best Blogger star each. Thanks once again.

7. Most popular post this year on your blog (whether it be by comments or views)?

8. Post you wished got a little more love?

Review of Manini Chatterjee’s Do and Die because I am feel strongly about people sidelined by the official documentation of the past.

9. Best bookish discovery (book related sites, book stores, etc.)?

Open Library. I didn’t discover but rather re-discovered it this year since after participating in the lending library programe it has become a treasure-trove for book lovers.

10.  Did you complete any reading challenges or goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of this year?
Not all but I did meet a number of challenges I participated in.

1. One book you didn’t get to in 2013 but will be your number one priority in 2014?
Terry Lee Roux’s biography of DeForest Kelley: From Sawdust to Stardust.

2. Book you are most anticipating for 2014 (non-debut)?

Death in the Wrong Room by Anthony Gilbert

3. 2014 debut you are most anticipating?

No idea about 2014 debuts.

 4. Series ending you are most anticipating in 2014?

I hardly read series….

5. One thing you hope to accomplish in your reading/blogging In 2014?

Be a little more organised.


Wishing Everybody A Very Happy 2014.

10 thoughts on “Reading 2013

  1. Happy New Year, need.I really enjoyed your list and the categories. I'm sorry you had to experience so much loss. I wish you all the best for this year.


  2. Neeru – What a terrific list you have there, and so eclectic. I hope that 2014 is a better year for you. Here's wishing you the best.


  3. I tried to comment earlier and blogger or my computer were acting weird. So here goes…Great post, sounds like your reading was good this year. I just finished a book by Anthony Gilbert, A Case for Mr. Crook, and I did not enjoy it as much as you liked the ones you have read. I will have to find some of the ones you have reviewed. Review to come soon, but I am behind on reviews.


  4. Happy New Year to you too Neeru – and you better believe that I am going to get myself a copy of the Keigo Higashino!


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