Two Books and The Undiscovered Country.

In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, the eponymous hero calls Death as ”the undiscovered country.” Certainly, Death remains the greatest mystery ever. What really happens when one ceases to breathe? Is it the end of everything or is there something beyond? Is there something that is called the Soul which is immortal?

These are questions that philosophers over the centuries have tried to find answers for. All I know is that death of a loved one brings a lot of pain, grief, and a sense of being left bereft.

 Many Lives, Many Masters is an account of psychiatrist, Dr.Brian Weiss’ attempts to cure a young patient who had recurring nightmares and was prone to severe anxiety attacks. As a last resort, Dr.Weiss hypnotised the patient and was amazed when the young woman began to recount things from her past lives which held a key to her troubles in the present life. She also made certain revelations regarding life and death, channeling this information from highly evolved spirits called the Masters.

As the title of the second book makes clear, this is about those who have died and have either moved on to the Other Side or are once again Earth -Bound. Distinguishing between spirits and ghosts,visitations, and hauntings, the writer Sylvia Browne also discusses some of the most celebrated cases of the twentieth century.

The two books -especially the first one,which is an interesting read – do provide solace in the sense that one feels comforted by the thought of being reunited with one’s loved ones on that other side.


First Line: I know that there is a reason for everything.

Title: Many Lives, Many Masters

Author: Dr. Brian Weiss

Publication Details: London: Piatkus, 2006

First Published: 1988

Pages: 219

Other books read of the same author: None


First Line: I believe in ghosts,and in the real and magnificent presence of spirits among us from The Other Side.

Title: Visits from the Afterlife

Author: Sylvia Browne

Publication Details: London: Piatkus, 2006

First Published: 2003

Pages: 269

Other books read of the same author: None


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4 thoughts on “Two Books and The Undiscovered Country.

  1. Prashant, the concept of reincarnation is not that much strange in India. I rather liked Dr. Weiss' book. But Sylvia Browne's book was not very convincing.


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