Review: Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek # 34)

What would happen if during one of the most trying times of his professional career, Captain James T. Kirk was left to cope without the counsel and co-operation of his trusted friend, Bones McCoy?

On a trip to Wagner Trading Station, the Enterprise receives a distress call. Apparently a few freighters have been attacked by the Klingons with whom the Federation has but recently signed an uneasy truce. Eager to help the surviving members of the merchant caravan, Kirk and his crew rush headlong into a trap. The Enterprise is attacked and though the enemy vessel too is destroyed, there is no clue as to who might have attacked them or for what purpose. The dismembered bodies of the enemy reveal a race of being totally alien though their beaks and talons make the crew call them Ravens. Causalities continue to mount and just when Kirk needs the support of all his crew members, Dr. Leonard McCoy suffers an accident.

When he wakes up, he remembers only the fact that he is a resident doctor in Georgia. The intervening years as well as all his medical knowledge is lost. Even as the attacks of the enemy mount, Kirk finds himself handicapped by the absence of his closest friend. The McCoy in front of him is a stranger, respectful and courteous but distant and eager to go back home to earth. Then comes the catastrophe and McCoy’s medical expertise is needed more than ever. But will he recover his memories before it is too late?

The novel’s premise is interesting, unfortunately however, instead of Kirk spending time with his friend trying to jolt his memory, we have a certain Dr. Dyson hanging out with McCoy, trying to help him cope and recover. This severely limits the interaction b/w the big-three. I wish there had been more confrontations like this:

“Can’t?” asked the captain bitterly. “No, I think you won’t remember. You’re quite happy to forget the last twenty-five years. They frighten you because they weren’t tidy and predictable – they were messy and full of nasty surprises. You’re still a boy – a boy who wants to go through life without making mistakes, the bad mistakes that can’t be set right again. To admit the mistakes means facing your own weaknesses…”

On the whole, an okay read which could have been much better.


First Line: KYRON GENTAI-HANN, nephew by marriage to the Exalted House of Kotzher, and captain of the IKF Falchion, was bored and angry.

Title: Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek # 34)

Author: Carmen Carter

Publication Details: NY: Pocket Books, 1987

First Published: 1987

Pages: 255 + 11

Other books read of the same author: None


The book can be downloaded from Open Library.

8 thoughts on “Review: Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek # 34)

  1. Neeru – Interesting how a potentially great book remains in the 'just okay' pile because of the way the interactions work out. Still, this one does have a fascinating premise.


  2. Been ages since I read any of these though I used to love them at one point – in the words of Mr Spock, 'fascinating'! Thanks.


  3. Margot, the premise is no doubt fascinating and that's why the book was on my wishlist but unfortunately it lacks the emotions that such a story required.


  4. Thanks for having a look Sergio. I am reading them for the first time this year. Somehow they are not as fascinating as the serial but then these are early days…


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