2013: The First Books Bought

Today is the last day of the World Book Fair at Delhi. I could visit the fair only for a couple of hours but I did make my first book purchases of 2013.

Here are the books (in the order I bought them):

Next on the list is Kithe Gaya Mera Shehar Lahore by Som Anand. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find its jacket’s image anywhere on the Net. I’ll see if I am able to scan it.

Have you read these books? Which one will you recommend heartily?

4 thoughts on “2013: The First Books Bought

  1. Yes, it was at Pragati Maidan, Prashant. From this year, the World Book Fair becomes an annual event rather than the bi-annual it was earlier. Unlike the World Book Fair where there is a lot of participation by Foreign publishers, the Delhi Book Fair is more of a local affair. I am looking forward to it now. There are used book sellers in CP but unfortunately they do not sell their books for 10 or 20 rupees like the one that you have in Andheri. :)Delhi has her charms but she is no longer what she was earlier.


  2. Mumbai has lost her charm too, thanks to the increasing self-induced insulation of its working class. Absolutely no one buys as many books from my secondhand bookstore as I do. It's a hole in the wall, actually, though the owner has a small godown behind the shop and I have access to that as well. People come, look at the covers, rather strangely, and drop the books. Either they haven't heard of the author or they don't read books.Some of the other books I picked up included those by Mickey Spillane, Len Deighton, Ed McBain, Lawrence Sanders' \”The Tangent Objective,\” Ray Bradbury, and Martin Cruz Smith. I could buy all his books but where do I store them and, more importantly, when do I read them?!


  3. I could buy all his books but where do I store them and, more importantly, when do I read them?!Ah! That most important question Prashant. Sometimes I too feel I've become a hoarder of books rather than a reader of them.While travelling on the Metro, I do see a few people engrossed in a book but usually it is Indian YA.I love the hole in the wall bookstores rather than glitzy malls where a book can create a hole in your pocket.


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