Review: Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Ambitious young woman with a brilliant academic record is reduced to being a flight-attendant. [Why? One doesn’t know]. The about-to-go-kaput airline is taken over by a business maverick: young, handsome, and charming to boot. The woman makes some suggestions at a board meeting and is singled-out for praise by her new boss, and is given a senior position in the company. So far so good. Now how to seduce the boss? He is devoted to his wife. Hey presto! The wife is dying of cancer. A year after the wife’s death, our heroine becomes the New Wife. She attends a party with her husband and then insists on driving back herself. There is a massive accident [Or is it? There are no witnesses for sure]. The husband doesn’t die but becomes wheel-chair bound even as Wifey wrests control of the company. But a wheel-chair bound husband can be a major irritant so enter disgraced footballer, as handsome as the husband, and somebody who has already sold his soul to the Devil. A sinister pact is signed. Can murder be far behind?

When a book is compared to The Postman Always Rings Twice, you expect great thing from the novel. Sandra Brown’s Play Dirty fails on all count and has one of the most mind-boggling last line: It was their first date. This after a couple has met, entered into a physical relationship, and suffered the agony of miscarriage!


First Line: That it?

Title: Play Dirty

Author: Sandra Brown

Publication Details: NY: Pocket Books, 2008

First Published: 2006

Pages: 560

Other Books read by the same author: None


Entry for Friday’s Forgotten Books.

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