April Prompt: Covers

This month’s prompt at the A Classics Challenge is regarding covers. The questions asked are:

Level 1
What are your first impressions as you look at the cover?

Level 2
Does the book cover have an aspect that reflects the character, setting, or plot of the novel?

Level 3
If you could have designed the book cover what would you have chosen?

Well, the classic that I read this month was John Dickson Carr’s 1946 Locked-Room mystery He Who Whispers.

The cover of the edition that I picked up was the staid Penguin cover giving no indication of the story whatsoever.

That was kind of disappointing because I do enjoy looking at the covers of the books though I don’t think I’ve ever chosen a book just because of its cover.

A look at the other editions and I found that some of them had rather salacious covers:

Very misleading, in fact, because though the book does talk about a woman’s sexual urges and desires, these covers turn the book into a porn thriller which it is not.

The cover that I liked best was this:

This is the virtually inaccessible tower where the murder is committed.


Submitted for the April prompt of A Classics Challenge.

One thought on “April Prompt: Covers

  1. Dear Blogger,Your post about the cover of books reminded me of something.Some years back, Purva was assessed as needing ESL classes at her school – ESL means \”English as a second language\” and is generally meant for those whose English is weak. We were somewhat annoyed at this since this is a kid who has to be forced to talk in Hindi. But, Purva seemed to like her teacher and so, I let it go.Sometime later, I was reading \”The Frog Prince\” to Purva and I asked her the moral of the story at the end. She replied, \”Don't judge a book by its cover\”. I was impressed that she understood this and found out that she had learnt about it in her ESL class.So, I stopped complaining about the ESL class and adopted a motto – \”Don't judge a class by its name\”.- Nitu


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