8 thoughts on “R is for Reach

  1. Dear Blogger,It's good to see these lines from Browning. April is National Poetry month and I have been wanting to read some poetry – visit old favourites once again. There is a big display at the library but I have not had the time to get to one of those books.So, I will like to reach for one of those poems which evoke so many different memories and emotions.- Nitu


  2. Yes, I remember that poem – particularly the youngest brother that he speaks of. We used to be very interested in the friendship between Byron & Shelley. :)No, Purva does not hate cats. And in that book that I mentioned, the child who wrote the poems actually starts liking the cat.


  3. You also told us anecdotes about Byron's and Shelley's visit to Chillon. There is a book on the two in our library and I have often thought of picking it up.


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