G is for Ginch.

Yes, you read that right.

Ginch – rhymes with Cinch, you see.

But what in Heaven’s name does it mean? Could it be one of those fantastic creatures^ that are infesting Rob. Z. Tobor’s (yes, you read that right too) house presently?

Enough of gibberish. I discovered this word quite incidentally today while reading John Dickson Carr’s book.

Here it is, right from page 76 (I’d have said Horse’s mouth but it is not the day for that letter. So hold your horses for Monday):

At this point the chronicler of Dr. Fell’s adventures should, strictly speaking, apologize for introducing that luscious little ginch, Patricia Standish. Ginch… is the word that best describes her; a mysterious term whose definition will presently be made clear.

This apology should come from the fact that on one point all leading authorities are agreed: to introduce a heroine (whether or not the tale be fact) is bad. Very bad. …you know what I mean: the grey-eyed, fearless Grace Darling with the cool philosophy, who likes to poke her nose into trouble and use a gun as well as the detective, and who requires the whole book to make up her mind whether she is more than casually interested in the hero.

… by the splendid grace of God – Patricia Standish had none of the traits just mentioned. She was not cool-headed or strong-minded. She could no more have accompanied the detectives with a gun than she could have brought down the villain with a flying tackle. Quite to the contrary, she was content to leave that sort of thing to the proper people, to beam up at you as though she were saying, ‘What a man!’ – and you threw out your chest and felt about nine feet tall, and said, ‘Ha, ha’. 


Have you come across this word? If so, where? Do share. (Yes, it rhymes).

^To read about the fantastic creatures, go here:


Entry for letter G

2 thoughts on “G is for Ginch.

  1. So today I learned a new word! Now I just have to find a situation where I can use it and impress somebody. Thanks.Thanks also for stopping in at the Write Game and leaving a comment. Happy A to Z!


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