Friday Memes (on Saturday)

Book Beginnings is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader where one shares the opening line(s) of the book one is currently reading. One can also share one’s views on those lines.

Here’s mine from The Eight of Swords by John Dickson Carr

Chief inspector Hadley had been almost cheerful when he reached his office that morning.

(Poor fellow. Soon his happiness will evaporate in the light of poltergeists, bishops who slide down banisters, and doctors with imposing names like Dr. Sigismund Von Hornswoggle who come calling.)

the Friday 56 is a meme hosted by Freda’s Voice where one shares a couple of lines from page 56 of any book.

Here’s one from Closing the Gate, the book I just finished.

“I know we just met, but you can trust us – we wouldn’t leave without telling you and we definitely wouldn’t leave owing you money.” At least, you wouldn’t know it until we are long gone.

Friday Finds is a meme hosted by MizB where one shares the books one has just come to know about and is eager to read.

Eager to read the book after reading a review of it by Bev.

8 thoughts on “Friday Memes (on Saturday)

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Rikki. The book is hilarious and the bishop, well later on we see him pulling the hair of a housemaid as he thought she was wearing a wig.


  2. I just looked up John Dickson Carr because I had not heard of him. Now I want to find some of his books because I have been eating up vintage mysteries lately. Thanks for the introduction!And thanks for taking part in Book Beginnings this week.


  3. I had almost given up on Carr but am so glad I picked up his books again. This one is hilarious. Looking forward to your views on him.Thanks for visiting.


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