F is for Fish

“My mother is a fish,” is perhaps the shortest chapter ever written. Chapter 19 of the great classic, As I Lay Dying, these enigmatic words are uttered by Vardaman, a ten year old child.


What do you make of these words? Do share your views.


Entry for the letter F.

2 thoughts on “F is for Fish

  1. Context! Need context! That said, this does sound exactly like those weirdly prophetic things kids sometimes blurt out. The tone is just right. I'm glad this book on my TBR list. I will enjoy seeing these words again someday.


  2. Dear JaneEven the context will not make it very clear. But here it is: Vardaman is a ten year old boy who has caught a fish and now sees his mother being nailed in a coffin. These are his inarticulate attempts at understanding Death. I loved the book. Take it out from your TBR pile and read it now.


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