Yes, that was the sound that EMANATED from me when I found that I had posted a rough-copy version of the D- post along with the fair one.

So, I deleted it.

(Please note the EXTRA EEES…… Yes, I counted them.)

The sound that EMANATED from me when I realised I had deleted the fair copy version which had two precious comments (ELIXIR for all those who bore blog) attached.

From then on it was desperately trying to contact blogger, and terms called Cache and Feed. All ENGLISH to me. (Latin and Greek, I am sorry, but it is E’s day).

In the END,  EMBITTERED, EXASPERATED, and EXHAUSTED, I simply typed the post again.

I belong not to the E-generation.


Have you EVER deleted a post accidentally? How did you retrieve it? EDUCATE us.

ENTRY for the letter E.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Sorry for your E-D headaches. Yes, I have deleted posts. It is why I now have a project in Scrivener called, not surprisingly, Blog Posts. I write them there and then transcribe them to my blog. The comments. Well, yes, they are elixir, but like many other things, they come and go. Loved this post. It made me laugh despite your misery.


  2. One of the things I like about blogs is that the odd Error, (I make loads of them) is always forgiven. After all at the End of the day it is just a Blog.A good EEEEEEEEEEEEE post


  3. Been there, done that. Instant panic. I hit the trash button and started again. My scream was slightly different than yours, but the interpretation was the same!


  4. LOL; what a cute use of the letter E! I have never accidentally deleted a post; I have deleted on purpose many a journal, but never a post. I can imagine it was a bit daunting when you realized what had happened!betty


  5. Thanks Betty.Thank God it was just a short post and hence typing it again was not much of a hassle but had it been a lengthy one…. shivers


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