Reading Challenge # 30: Birth Year Honors

Last year, I participated in the Birth Year Reading Challenge, hosted by J.G. @ Hotchpot Cafe, and enjoyed it a lot. As I was not keen on reading books from the year of my birth, I rolled the die and subsequently read two books from the year 2009. The books were disappointing but I was lucky enough to win the grand prize. (Jane is one of the most generous hosts, because everybody who completes the challenge is assured of a prize).

This year, J.G has added a twist to the challenge. You can either read books published in the year of your birth or in the birth year(s) of those whom you want to honour. I am choosing the years 1940 and 1946 because my parents were born in these years.

Papa was born at Lahore in 1940. Seven years later, he, like many others, found himself unwanted in the land of his ancestors. As the political leadership, sitting in cushy comfort, discussed and drew new boundaries on the map of India, Papa, along with his family (and thousands of others on both sides of the border), started the long trek to the other side. Fear of being attacked and massacred at any given moment looming over their heads, they luckily made it safely to Delhi. Bereft of  belongings, staying in refugee camps or make-shift dwellings, studying in parks and under street lamps, taking up odd jobs, Papa strove and struggled and succeeded.

Mummy was born at Lyallpur in 1946. A mere infant, when India was partitioned, she too was carried to this side of the border. Amongst the first women in her family, to take up a job, Mummy yet left a good government post to take care of her home and family. Till date, Mummy can put us to shame with the amount of work that she does.

I’ll be reading at least two books each from the years 1940 and 1946.

This is for you Mummy-Papa. I am so fortunate to have you.

If you too want to participate in the challenge, you can do so HERE.

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