Reading Challenge # 23: Criminal Plots II

Just when I thought, I had signed-up for all the interesting mystery challenges out there, here comes another one. Jen @ is hosting her Criminal Plots reading Challenge for the year 2012. Here is what she writes:

This year’s Rules of the Road:

You’ll be reading six books between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012. One book should be read that fits into each of the following categories:

1. Novel with a weapon in the title (examples: A Night of Long KnivesA Nail Through the HeartSharp ObjectsThe RopeLay Down my Sword and Shield)

2. Book published at least 10 years ago – this should be an easy one, time to pull out those backlists (examples: Goodnight Irene,The Black EchoIndemnity Only)

3. Book written by an author from the state/provinence/etc. where you live. (I live in Ohio, so examples for me would be Carla Buckley, Les Roberts, Craig McDonald)

4. Book written by an author using a pen name (i.e., Spencer Quinn, Ross Macdonald, Ariana Franklin, Noah Boyd, Juliett Blackwell, Lisa Black)

5. Crime novel whose protagonist is the opposite gender of the author (i.e., Demolition AngelBury Your DeadCalumet City)

6. A stand-alone novel written by an author who writes at least one series (i.e., El Gavilan (Craig McDonald), Long Gone (Alafair Burke), The Lock Artist (Steve Hamilt

ton), Envy the Night (Michael Koryta), The Most Dangerous Thing (Laura Lippman))

Other Important Details:

  • You can read the books in any format you choose: print, audio, e-book, etc.
    • You can read books from any sub-genre of crime fiction: hardboiled, P.I., police procedural, cozy, thriller, etc.
    • You do not need to have a blog to participate.
    • You can use the books for other challenges but one book cannot count for more than one category in THIS challenge.
    • Books do not need to be pre-determined. You can choose them at any time throughout the year. And you can read them in whatever order you choose.
    • At the conclusion, each participant that completes the challenge will be entered for a chance at one of three prize packs.
  • Want to participate, go here:

2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge # 23: Criminal Plots II

  1. I just signed up for my 31st challenge…and it's all your fault! 🙂 Seriously, though, thanks for posting on this one. I missed this challenge last year (I'm not sure how that happened since it seemed like I signed up for every challenge in the universe…). Good luck!


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