Reading Challenges # 15 & 16: A-Z – Authors & Titles

Last year, one of the challenges that I couldn’t finish was the A-Z Reading Challenge which required me to read at least one book for each letter of the English alphabet. For not completing that challenge, this year (since I am a glutton for punishment) I am signing up for two versions of it.

The First one, hosted by Babies, Books, and Signs requires one to read 26 books in all, their titles beginning with each letter of the English Alphabet .
Details and Sign-Up:


C: Closing the Gate
D: Drood
E: Eight of Swords
G: Geographer’s Library, The
H: He Who Whispers
L: Last Dickens, The
M: Mystery of Edwin Drood, The
P: Paris Enigma, The
S: Slippery Staircase, The

The Second one, hosted at Strawberry Splash Reviews, requires one to read either 26 books whose titles begin with the 26 letters or whose authors’ last names begin with the letters. I am doing the author version for this.

Details and Sign-Up:

A: Ambler, Eric: A Coffin for Dimitrios
C: Carr, John Dickson: He Who Whispers
D: Dickens, Charles: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
F: Fasman, Jon: The Geographer’s Library
L: Lorac, E.C.R: The Slippery Staircase
O: Oppenheim, E. Phillips: The Double Traitor
P: Pearl, Matthew: The Last Dickens
S: Simpson, Deb: Closing the Gate

Since X is problematic, in both the challenges the hosts have made the provision of having it somewhere in the title/ name rather than right in the beginning.

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