Challenge Complete: Birth Year Reading Challenge

One of the most interesting challenges I had signed-up for this year was the Birth Year Reading Challenge hosted by Hotchpot Cafe. You could either read books written in the year of your birth or throw the dice and come up with a different year. You could also decide the number of books. As I wasn’t too keen on my birth year, I threw the (virtual) die and came up with 2009. I selected two books, both of which had been lying on my shelves for long.

Well, with the reading and reviewing of them, I’ve completed the challenge.

The books were boring but I am happy that the challenge is complete. I don’t know whether the challenge will be hosted next year or not but I hope it is. One of the nicest things about it is that everybody who completes the challenge, gets a prize. Have a look at Hotchpot Cafe, over here:

3 thoughts on “Challenge Complete: Birth Year Reading Challenge

  1. Congrats on finishing, and thanks for your nice words about the challenge. I will be hosting next year, so please look for that post soon.I'll also be sending your prize list soon, too, so you can pick out your book.


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