Review: The Daughter-in-Law by Diana Diamond

Jonathan Donner, heir to a multi-million fortune, meets a young woman by the name of Nicole Pierce while sky-diving. He saves her from certain death, she is indebted to him. It is the beginning of a whirlwind romance that culminates in a runaway marriage. While, Jonathan’s father, Jack, and his sister, Pam, accept Nicole as family; his mother, Alexandra, has reservations about the girl whom she considers nothing but a gold-digger. Digging into Nicole’s past, Alexandra, comes up with some unsavoury facts. Before, however, she can reveal all, tragedy strikes the honeymooning couple. Jonathan disappears while they are scuba diving. Alexandra is convinced it is murder but has to convince her husband and daughter. Things get further complicated as Jack starts falling for Nicole’s charms…

Is it murder? Did Jonathan really die? Is Nicole really a cold-blooded killer? Are Alexandra’s suspicions unfounded? Who is pulling the strings? 

The book starts off well but by the end peters out. 


Opening Lines: She was frightened. Maybe even terrified. Jonathan could tell from her expression.

Title: The Daughter-in-Law

Author: Diana Diamond

Publication Details: NY: St. Martin’s Press, 2003

First Published: 2003

Pages: 324


Second hand copies of the book can be ordered on the Net. I was gifted this by Pinki Masi.


Submitted for the following Challenges:

Mystery and Suspense

Off The Shelf

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