Book Lover: No,not really

I love books about books. So when I saw a book titled Book Lover on the library shelves, I simply had to pick it up. The description – Some women shop.Some eat. Dora cures the blues by bingeing on books – seemed delicious. Unfortunately the book failed to live up to the premise.

The story is simple. Dora, a woman in her thirties, feels life is slipping thru her fingers. Child of a broken home, she herself has had two failed marriages. Now without a job and squandering away the fortune that her father left for her, she feels herself a failure. The values that she had scoffed away earlier- security that marriage brings, sense of fulfillment that family provides, satisfaction that a job provides – now seem attractive. However it takes a while for Dora to realise what is that she lacks in life. The book is about her journey of self-realisation. And that involves going in the funk and reading books while lying in the bath tub, immersed in hot water, listening to jazz, and drinking wine. There are some amusing anecdotes involving writers and their books but frankly, it got to a point where I couldn’t care less.


First Line:                     When I was seven, my mother drove the       family car off a thirty-foot bridge.

Author(s):                     Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack

Publishing Details:         London: Harper Perennial, 2007

First Published:             2006

Pages:                          325 + 17   


Book Lover is available in book shops and can also be ordered online. I borrowed it from Delhi Public Library, Vinoba Puri.


Submitted for A – Z Reading Challenge. Have now covered the letter B.                   

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